HTML Entities……..

Entities are essentially symbols in HTML jargon. Here is a list of entities and their codes courtesy Tizag .

Symbol Definition Numeric Value Correlating Name
Non-Breaking Space  
< Less Than < &lt;
> Greater Than > &gt;
Quotation Mark &quot;
¡ Inverted Exclamation ¡ &iexcl;
¢ Cent ¢ &cent;
£ English Pound £ &pound;
¤ Currency ¤ &curren;
¥ Yen ¥ &yen;
¦ Broken Vertical Bar ¦ &brvbar;
§ Section § &sect;
¨ Double Dot ¨ &uml;
© Copyright © &copy;
ª Feminine Ordinal Indicator ª &ordf;
« Left Angle Quotation Mark « &laquo;
» Right Angle Quotation Mark » &raquo;
¬ Negation ¬ &not;
® Registered Trademark ® &reg;
¯ Spacing Macron ¯ &macr;
° Degree(s) ° &deg;
± Plus or Minus ± &plusmn;
² Superscript 2 ² &sup2;
³ Superscript 3 ³ &sup3;
´ Spacing Acute ´ &acute;
µ Micro µ &micro;
Paragraph &para;
· Middle Dot · &middot;
¸ Spacing Cedilla ¸ &cedil;
¹ Superscript 1 ¹ &sup1;
º Masculine Ordinal Indicator º &ordm;
¼ ¼ Fraction ¼ &frac14;
½ ½ Fraction ½ &frac12;
¾ ¾ Fraction ¾ &frac34;
¿ Inverted Question Mark ¿ &iquest;
À Grave Accent-Captial A À &Agrave;
Á Acute Accent-Capital A Á &Aacute;
 Circumflex Accent-Capital A  &Acirc;
à Tilde-Capital A à &Atilde;
Ä Umlaut Mark-Capital A Ä &Auml;
Å Ring-Capital A Å &Aring;
Æ Capital ae Æ &AElig;
Ç Cedilla-Capital C Ç &Ccedil;
È Grave Accent-Capital E È &Egrave;
É Acute Accent-Capital E É &Eacute;
Ê Circumflex Accent-Capital E Ê &Ecirc;
Ë Umlaut Mark-Capital E Ë &Eml;
Ì Grave Accent-Capital I Ì &Igrave;
Í Acute Accent-Capital I Í &Iacute;
Î Circumflex Accent-Capital I Î &Icirc;
Ï Umlaut Mark-Capital I Ï &Iuml;
Ð Capital eth Ð ∓ETH;
Ñ Tilde-Capital N Ñ ∓Ntilde;
Ò Grave Accent-Capital O Ò &Ograve;
Ó Acute Accent-Capital O Ó &Oacute;
Ô Circumflex Accent-Capital O Ô &Ocirc;
Õ Tilde-Capital O Õ &Otilde;
Ö Umlaut Mark-Capital O Ö %amp;)uml;
× Multiplication × &times;
Ø Slash-Capital O Ø &Oslash;
Ù Grave Accent-Capital U Ù &Ugrave;
Ú Acute Accent-Captital U Ú &Uacute;
Û Circumflex Accent-Capital U Û &Ucirc;
Ü Umlaut Mark-Capital U Ü &Uuml;
Ý Acute Accent-Capital Y Ý &Yacute;
Þ Thorn Þ &THORN;
ß Small Sharp ß &szlig;
æ Small ae æ &aelig;
ð Small eth ð &eth;
ø Slash-Small o ø &oslash;
þ Small Thorn þ &thorn;
ΠCapital Ligature Π&OElig;
œ Small Ligature œ &oelig;
ˆ Modifier Circumflex Accent ˆ &circ;
˜ Small Tilde ˜ &tilde;
Zero Width Joiner &zwj;
En Dash &ndash;
Em Dash &mdash;
Left Single Quote &lsquo;
Right Single Quote &rsquo;
Single Low Quote &sbquo;
Left Double Quote &ldquo;
Right Double Quote &rdquo;
Double Low Quote &bdquo;
Dagger &dagger;
Double Dagger &Dagger;
Per Mile &permil;
Left Single Arrow Quote &lsaquo;
Right Single Arrow Quote &rsaquo;
Euro Mark &euro;
TradeMark &trade;