Migrating Blog from WordPress to Jekyll

Recently I became quite active on GitHub mostly thanks to my class projects and a few personal projects. While creating a web page for one of my VR projects on GitHub, I found that it allowed us to host custom Jekyll-based project as well as personal web sites. Digging deeper I found that Jekyll even allows us to create blogs. Instead of databases, it stores the posts in flat markdown files. So, I thought of giving it a try and went ahead with creating a personal website. And it turned out quite well. At this point I have migrated all the posts, images and most comments. I think I just need to figure out the publicize functionality before the migration is complete. The new blog can be visited here. In the next post, which will hopefully be on the github blog, I will write about the migration procedure.

Until then, cheers!


Added a new category..

I’ll be adding a new category called “Windows XP Tips” to my blog. This is after a recent conversation with one of my friends(check out his blog in my blogroll) who suggested me to write about Windows as it is the most commonly used OS. So, stay tuned…..

Added a New Page…..

Hi guys..

I’ve added a new page called “How My Desktop Looks….” which is gonna showcase my computers look and feel as I keep on customizing it to suit my needs and to check out how creative I am(well, not always). Check it out!

Plus I’ll be giving a tutorial on how to customize yours to look like you want it to.


Hello world!

Hi Everybody!!

This is my first step into this wonderful world of blogging and this is my first blog! I hope my stay here will be joyful and I’ll be able to share my thoughts with all you wonderful people out there. I haven’t yet thought out yet what I’ll be focussing upon on this blog. Hopefully, I’ll do it soon.

Thanks and wish me luck!