F23 – Printing and Scanning

Recently, my parents bought this new HP Deskjet 1510 AIO for printing, scanning and photocopying stuff. I’ve never had a scanner before and the printer I used to have was a Samsung ML-1610(or something similar), which was very inconsistent in working with Linux distributions. It died long since. So, with this new deskjet, I thought I’d give it a try on my Fedora 23.

First up, as soon as I connected the printer to my PC, I got a helpful pop-up saying “Configuring your new Printer”. A few seconds later I got a message saying additional software needs to be installed and clicking on the pop-up opened up GNOME Software. But, alas, Software told me it could not find the needed software in the repositories. I was a bit bummed, but I though what the heck, lets give it a try anyway. So, I pulled up a document, put in a page in the printer and hit print. To my surprise, it worked flawlessly. So, was that Software bit misleading? Or was it looking for some specific software that it failed to find in the repos? Anyway, as long as it works I’m not complaining.

Next up, scanning. I wasn’t sure this would work as I had never tried it before from Linux. I pulled up the Activities overview and searched for “scan” to see if there was any scanner software installed. There wasn’t. But, in the results I saw Simple Scan available in the GNOME Software. How Nice! I clicked and it opened Software and started installing Simple Scan and was done in a couple of seconds. I launched Simple Scan, put the page I just printed into the device and hit scan. It worked perfectly, I scanned both sides of the page and saved into a pdf.

The whole process is so smooth and it just works! I didn’t have to go looking for drivers or install some extra software to configure the device. Just plug and play!

Until next time!


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