Whoa..it’s been more than a year!

A year and six days to be precise, since I last blogged (about Interstellar). This should not be as surprising as I haven’t done a very good job on keeping the blog posts flowing in the past and have had even more extended periods of gaps in between posts. But it is surprising to me because I had decided to do more posts, just after posting the Interstellar review and then completely forgot about what I had decided. I’m hoping I can remedy that going forward. See, I do love the concept of blogs, but I just plain suck at documenting and recording stuff unless that task is forced upon me. I have decided (yet again!) to maintain this blog better. Let me start by documenting what has transpired in my life in this one year duration.

Quite a bit!

Sometime last year, after 3 years of working in the IT Service industry, I realized that I wanted to pursue education a little more. That led to me preparing for and writing GRE and TOEFL, writing SOPs, applying to colleges, requesting Letters of Recommendation. Finally, I did get into University of Florida for MS in CS. So, I hit the pause button on my job and prepared for starting school in Fall. Everything was in place when, I got diagnosed with having gall bladder stones. So, pause button on starting school as well. I requested the University to defer my admission to Spring 2016 as I proceeded to get my Cholecystectomy done. And now I am preparing for Higher Education – Take II. So, this was majority of 2015 in my life. Also, I got a little better at guitar. Oh yeah, I have been trying to learn the guitar on and off over the past year. See, stuff like this is what I should be blogging about and yet I haven’t. That’s just laziness I guess. And I have a new laptop which lets me game a little more smoothly. Its an Acer Aspire V5-573G with an i7-4500U, 8GB RAM, 4GB NVIDIA 750M Graphics and 1 TB HDD storage. It’s a pretty great machine and I am happy to say runs Linux almost flawlessly. But that’s a review for another time. For now let’s move on to what’s coming.

So, I have plans for a few blog posts in the coming weeks. An overview of Fedora Workstation 23, a review of Wolfenstein: The New Order and a review of Spectre. Now, me being me, I can’t say for sure that all this is going to come to fruition, but I hope that it will.

Until next time!


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