Increased Boot-Up Speed….

I found out a way to increase boot-up speed in Arch. Previously, I used to load the ‘network’ daemon in /etc/rc.conf ‘Daemons’ array. The ‘network’ daemon used to take quite a bit of time to load and also sometimes fail killing splashy(giving a message: “Something failed, killing splashy”) and falling back to text mode. But now I replaced the ‘network’ daemon with ‘networkmanager’ daemon and it works like a charm. Boot-up speed has increased and splashy does not crash anymore. It’s great.

To manage network with networkmanager in KDE4, install ‘kdemod-networkmanager-git’ and ‘kdemod-networkmanagement-knetworkmanager-kde4’ and reboot. You’ll see the ‘knetworkmanager’ icon in the System Tray. That’s it.

But one thing which I don’t understand is why ‘network’ daemon takes so much time to load and ‘networkmanager’ lesser.


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