Enter The Linux…

First of all, I need to clear it out that Linux by itself is not an operating system. It’s just a kernel which forms the base of the OS. Various companies as well as communities put this kernel together with the useful softwares and drivers for various hardware to create a full-fledged operating systems, known as Linux Distributions(or simply distros). Examples of such companies are Red Hat(Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Novell(SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop). Some community driven distros are Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Arch etc.

Linux is all about choice. Make choices and see if it fits your needs; if it does good, if it doesn’t cool there are lots of other options. For instance, you could choose from any of the above mentioned or hundreds of others available out there. Again, you could choose which kind of desktop environment you want; there are many available like GNOME or KDE or some lighter ones like XFCE, openbox, fluxbox etc.

The sheer amount of choices available go on to show the amount of customization you could do with your OS. Search for the components that best suit  your needs and set it up as you like it.

These are few of the many advantages that Linux brings with itself. That’s all for now. Next time we’ll see which OS suits you needs and how to install one of them. Till then,



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